Top 5 reasons to invest in Niagara Falls

Have you visited Canada’s Wonder of the World? Niagara Falls boasts not only a natural beauty, but economic prosperity that has been attracting international attention, as well as interest from the Greater Toronto Area. What’s the hype all about? Here are top 5 reasons why we think you should invest in Niagara Falls:


Noted as one of the cities of the future

FDi, a division of Financial Times Limited, released the 2015/2016 American Cities of the Future report and featured many Ontario cities, such as Niagara Falls, based on factors including economic potential, business friendliness, human capital and lifestyle, cost-effectiveness and connectivity.


Ranked as a cost-effective city

The American Cities of the Future report listed Niagara Falls sixth in cost-effectiveness among micro-cities in the western hemisphere. A tourism brand with over $62 billion of trade crossing between Canada and United States annually; you would want to invest in a city that borders New York State. Organizations from around the world want to invest in Niagara Falls; with opportunities in advanced manufacturing, food and wine processing, professional services and digital media.


One of Canada’s fastest growing economies

The real-estate arm of the Chinese government announced in late 2015 that they will be a shareholder in the proposed $1-billion development proposed for land near the Thundering Waters Golf Club in Niagara Falls. Located in a growing region, Niagara Falls boasts a iconic global brand, which will be further reinforced through this investment, leading to economic development and prosperity, as well as job development.


Close to Canada’s wonder of the world

Niagara Falls represents three waterfalls that line up along the international border between Canada and the United States. The roaring falls are a definite tourist spot, attracting visitors from around the world. With an investment property minutes away from the Falls, it’s can act as the perfect vacation home for your family, and a rental property for tourists day in and day out.


Invest in a family-friendly community

Niagara Falls is a small and vibrant city, in the heart of the Niagara region. With biking and walking trails, luscious greenery, vineyards and fresh produce, and some of Ontario’s best attractions, it is one of the best communities to live in. This is a naturally family-friendly community that’s inviting you to find out why you can call it home.

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